2022 Prophetic Corporate Word
Mid December 2021

Before I begin any presentation of a Corporate Prophetic Word for 2022, I want to say, "God is good" - Nahum 1:7.

God is leading, guiding, directing, and operating through me on a constant basis. In all honesty, I am often getting "fresh manna" or Spirit downloads from Heaven. Please do not feel or think that I am being conceited in any way. I hunger and thirst for My God (Matthew 5:6). If you spiritually desire to know God in a deeper way than you are currently receiving from your Church, you want to operate and grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, get to know the Prophetic realm, and become more like Jesus, then I would strongly encourage you to come and join Destiny Alive Church.

Out of the Churches and Christians in the Illawarra that I have seen & encountered, there is not one of them freely moving in the realm of the Spirit and receiving revelation knowledge from Him. In fact, all of them that I am aware of have bowed the knee to seducing spirits and the control of "man" is in them. They're blind or do not allow the Holy Spirit to rule and reign in their Church.

Personally, I am amazed at the amount of revelation knowledge and the variety of ways that God reveals new things to me, which I generally release (not always) to the body of Jesus Christ or Coporate Church. Therefore, God has called me to raise an Apostolic Prophetic network of churches within the Illawarra and beyond to usher in the "breath of God" (Genesis 2:7) and transform His people for kingdom of God plans, purposes, and pursuits.

We are in days of the Holy Spirit like never before. As I write this, the very chorus of a song of Terry MacAlmon, "This Is The Time", is quietly playing in my spirit -

"This is the time
When true worshipers will worship
These are the days
When my Father's ways will be known to men
This is the hour
When the spirit's power will move again
As we worship You in spirit and in truth
Lord we worship You in spirit and in truth
Lord we worship You in spirit and in truth"

Friend's, I am convinced that these are days where God's Spirit is moving like no other time before in human history. Yes, the Holy Spirit is accelerating His outpouring unto all flesh (Joel 2:28,29).

Whilst there are several prophetic matters I can share with the Church at this very hour or season in time, I will share a simple but very profound word from the Holy Spirit that applies to the upcoming new year, 2022 -

“To those who send him, a trustworthy envoy is like the coolness of snow on a harvest day; he refreshes the life of his masters” – Proverbs 25:13 (CSB)

On about the 20th of July, 2021, I received a vision of snow in a forest with sunshine occurring in the warmer months. Fancy, snow in the middle of Summer. Surely not!

Interestingly, believe it or not, there have been instances of snow on Mount Hermon in Israel, in the middle of Summer.

Further, in this vision I felt a refreshing and warmth. Fresh hope.

It was through receiving this vision that I searched the Scriptures and came across this verse from Proverbs 25. In short, it's believed that in ancient days, kings and wealthy men would order a servant or slave to go fetch snow for cooling and refreshment purposes, particularly on warm days for their drinks. Therefore, I believe that God is revealing to the body of Christ that:

i.God is looking for faithful messengers or trustworthy envoy’s of the gospel of the kingdom of God. Such messengers will bring refreshing to the Lord's people;
ii. God is raising up a new breed of faithful messengers of His kingdom; and
iii. We are in a season of uncommonness and the supernatural whereby God, the gospel of His kingdom, and His righteousness not only provide humanity a rock-solid "way out” of the fear, control, oppression, and tyranny of Satan, but even further, God is providing to those who are searching for Him, mysteries of Him and His kingdom. I see new signs, wonders, miracles, and supernatural things & occurrences coming upon people who need and want Almighty God, like never before!

I firmly believe that this season of COVID & all matters pertaining to it, that certainly haven't been "ordinary", shall gradually dissipate in 2022, just like snow eventually melts away in the heat of the day or in warm seasons. We are coming into a new refreshing time and season of peace, prosperity, stillness, and rest for our weary souls.

"Now these three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love" - 1 Corinthians 13:13

God interrupts & overrides all the power of the enemy including negativity, doom, and gloom in any form.

We have & are entering a new season where we will visibly see the faith, hope, and love of the Lord demonstrated in greater measure in our world.



Blessings in Christ

Tim Banfield
Pioneer and Well Digger
Destiny Alive Church - Illawarra